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Advantages of our patented, improved SC CO2 Dyeing Technology

Our innovative Supercritical (SC) CO2 dyeing technology eliminates major limitations of Prior-art SC CO 2 dyeing processes

It is a 'single step' Dyeing as well as Finishing technology for textiles

Suitable for Man-made, Natural as well as Blended textiles

It allows use of traditional dyes

Improves dye utilization

Makes 'scale-up' easy

Gives less than half dyeing time vis-a-vis prevalent SC CO2 processes

Achieves uniform dye solubility making even lighter shades possible

Avoids steps like Reduction clearing, two bath dyeing for blends

Uses much less quantity of chemicals, No salt, reducing the water & energy load resulting in substantially low environmental impact

Our Innovation:

Pre-coating the surface of ready-to-dye textile, with a thin layer of optimum quantity of dye & auxiliary chemicals, to greatly enhance the surface area of dyes and improve rate of solubilisation of dye & other molecules in supercritical CO2. This also improves uniformity, reproducibility of dyed shade, colour fastness, finishing effect.

Impact summary from 'Gate to Gate' Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of our patented process:

  • ~ 72 % Less intake of Chemicals
  • ~ 69 % Reduction in Energy (kg CO2 Eq.)
  • ~ 98 % Reduction in Waste Water (kg CO2 Eq.)

SCFE Advantages

SCFE process has inbuilt features, which improve the quality of extracts

Superior Product

Undegraded extracts with delicacy and freshness close to natural

High concentration of desired active components

Preserving the synergistic bio-activity of molecules in the extract

No residual solvent

Free of biological (microbial) contaminants

Longer shelf life

Superior Process

Simultaneous fractionation of extract possible to get spice oil and oleoresin in a single step

Flexible operating conditions for multiple product extraction

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is used as solvent that is: Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) for food products

Thus the concentrated extracts obtained from SCFE truly preserve and represent the desired goodness present in natural raw materials. This aspect also vastly increases the application potential of natural molecules in processed foods, medicines (Nutraceuticals), convenience products etc.

Over the last few decades, Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) Technology has emerged as a superior alternative to the conventional techniques (solvent extraction or steam distillation etc). However, there is still a very large potential for the use of SCFE to achieve better value addition and to generate preference for quality natural products, as compared to the traditionally processed natural products that may undergo degradation during conventional processing steps, due to incorporation of heat, oxidation, hydrolysis etc.

Further, We have carried out a detailed feasibility study for SCFE based on existing price of spice oil and oleoresins (prices that of extracts from hexane extraction and steam distillation). SCFE shows a good profitability even without considering premium that may be obtained due to its better quality products. This justifies the investment and on long term perspective makes SCFE a preferred route.

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